V Illustration and Painting Workshop, Nature


In June 2013, the fifth Illustration and Painting Workhop took place in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico. In January of the same year I moved from Mexico City to Puerto Escondido, to try a whole new life style in contact with nature, the thing that has catched most of my attention since the first day. The plants, and everything that surrounds me here is so powerful, that one can only feel small and respectful towards it.

Thats why I chose to focus this workshop in Nature. And almost by chance I met an amazing artist from Riga, Latvia, who was currently painting and living in a cabin right by the sea in San Agustinillo, Oaxaca. His name is Mikelis Fisers and he is for me, one of the most amazing current figurative painters. He had been travelling with his combi looking for landscapes to paint.

Here two examples of his work:

In the end, he turned out to be the invited artist, and he managed to explain in sharp two days the basics of colour theory and landscaping to a group of ladies that had had no contact whatsoever with this matter.

The results where amazing. Check them out for yourself!

Mikelis preparing his lessons.

We had never given a workshop in such an intense heat, but we managed somehow!

Time to go for some scouting in the neighborhood! We need to find a beach with the proper perspective!

Looks like we might have found one 🙂

A kind of abbandoned hotel right at the beach. The only hotel in Puerto right at the sea!

And then, the rain came.

Location for the day-trip: √



It was time to pack all the materials, including lots of fresh vegetables, fruit and fish from the market and move to Casa Mayita!

The welcome lunch!

Colour theory was the first topic.

Colours = Happiness

Domi checking out the location…

For the first time a mother and daughter took the workshop together 🙂

First day of the workshop: √



Good morning! lets have a walk on the beach.

Today we will learn perspective and the basic theory of landscape painting.

To understand depth and layers, we built a model of some classic landscape paintings.

In the meantime, there was a lot going on in the kitchen 😀

Claudia, the quickest painter of the world!

Cynthia, who had never had the courage to paint before this workshop!

Pame with her first landscape exercise!

Patricia, who chose a lake.

Georgina, with her first landscape painting!

Geo, inspired by one of my favorite paintings!

Evelyn who had lots of courage with colour.



Time for our day-trip to the beach! It was time to apply everything we´ve learned so far with Mikelis and paint a landscape.

Geo having a break

Work in progress…



We focused in plants and flowers, and went to the garden to find some inspiration.

It was time to focus on the detail, and paint a flower or plant as realistic as possible.

Cynthia chose to work in the garden…

We had a youg visitor at the workshop 🙂

And slowly, the end of the workshop came near.

Thank you Claudia, Evelyn, Cynthia, Patricia, Georgina, Geo, Pame and Mikelis for this amazing weekend, and for my 30th birthday cake-celebration!!!!

And BIG BIG thank you´s to Pame, the official photographer of the workshop.

There will be a video very very soon!!!

This was an amazing experiment and the beginning of many workshops in the mexican tropics!

The next workshop by the sea will be in Casa Koru, in Ixtapa, Gro., in 2014.


And to finish, I invite you all to the next Illustration and Carving workshop:

It will be in Mexico City from the 6th-8th December 2013, and we will learn to do carving in linoleum. The focus is Urban Landscape and the invited artist is Germán Flores, currently in charge of the carving section of ENPEG “La Esmeralda”, National School of Art, Mexico City. It is for everyone, even you have never been interested in drawing before.



IV Illustration and Painting Workshop, Street Art


On December of 2012, we decided to finish the year being creative and learning how to do stencil. For the 4th Illustration and Painting Workshop of Street Art, Jenaro Visualcraft and myself organized an intensive weekend, where we learned the history of Street Art and started developing our own idea. Jenaro is a photographer, artist and friend who lives between Mexico City and Berlin, one of the most important capitals of Street Art in the world.



On Friday we learned about the history of street art, the importance of the concept behind the idea and the social responsibility behind this kind of artistic expression.



On the next day, first thing in the morning, we developed our own idea and after printing our compositions, we started cutting out each layer of the stencil. Looong hours of cutting out.

Of course we also had time to chill, cook and eat 😉

And after lunch, more cutting!



Spray paint time!!!!!

The catering was in charge of Pamela Macko, Nutritionist, artist and friend. Delicious and healthy menus all over the weekend 🙂

And after lots of work, sun and spray paint smell, this is what came out 🙂

Blanca, yoga teacher.

Martin, economist.

Dany, environmentalist.

Arturo, animator.

Paola, architect and painter.

Naiki, furniture designer and DJ.

Mafer, soon to be mom 🙂

Naoli, friend and business woman.

Martina, designer and artist.

Jenaro, photographer, street artist and globe trotter.

And myself.


From the 13-16th of June, the next workshop is going to take place in Puerto Escondido, a beautiful beach in Oaxaca, Mexico.

It will be an intensive workshop of four days focused in nature, and we will stay at Casa Mayita a beautiful house, surrounded by birds, open space and the pacific ocean. For more information please check out the event in Facebook, or write to paolabeck@hotmail.com.



III Illustration, Painting and Photography Workshop, Mexico City


On the 22-24th of june, the III Illustration, Painting and Photography Workshop took place in Mexico City. Alvaro Nates and Miguel Angel Cordera where the invited artists. Alvaro is a very talented photographer and Miguel is an abstract painter. Both work and live in DF.


Alvaro Nates

We experimented taking photographs at Alvaro´s studio in collaboration with Revês, a mexican dance-performance agency, and then worked on that images in both Abstract and Figurative ways during the weekend.

Priscilla Hernández, our model, made an impressive performance spending 7 minutes with each participant modeling, dancing, acting and feeling what each person had in mind. Alvaro guided us through the technical process of taking pictures with high quality equipment. But first, he gave us a lecture about photography showing us his favorite artists and explaining their technique and concept.

Before the shooting Alvaro explained to us some basic techniques about photography and the gadgets we had and how to play with them, and after each session (7 minutes each participant) he took a portrait of each one of us. One shot.

Here some results of the shooting:

By Vane

By Arturo

By Pame

By me

And here the portraits by Alvaro of each one of us:










and me.

After a very intense first day we all went home with our heads full of ideas.



Miguel Ángel Cordera is a mexican abstract painter, and we started fresh in the morning with a lesson in abstract art, analizing different artists and his own work. He explained his creative process and we chose some of the pictures taken the day before, and started to work on them.

Coffee Break 🙂

The catering was in charge of Pamela Macko, a nutritionist who made us very happy during the whole weekend with healthy and delicious munchies.

VERY happy!

After having lunch, we started painting. Each one chose between the pictures taken of Priscilla, or the portrait Alvaro Nates made of each participant after their 7 minutes with the model. So you could do a portrait or a self-portrait. Interesting things came out….



During the first and second workshop we started painting a huge mural, so it was time to finish it. It was sunny and it was my birthday as well, lucky me 🙂

Happy birthday to me 😀

As some amazing paintings came out on saturday, some of us finished them after lunch, and others continued painting the mural. We decided to do a little show with the paintings and celebrate my birthday, so some friends came over to celebrate with us. Thank you so much to all the people involved, it was for sure the best birthday of my life 🙂

Thank you Pame!!!! 🙂

Self-portrait by Poncho

Self-portrait by Vane

Me by Paola

Priscilla (our model) by Artruro, and Pame´s self portrait



New stuff


Part of  “Entre perros y carreteras”  (between dogs and highways). In progress.

The bird sculpture was made by a friend of my adolescence and my very first love, Philipp Reichardt.

Steel and glass, 2000.

“Let the devil in o el fantasma tropical” This drawing was made after someone came into my room while I was sleeping alone in Puerto Escondido, took all my money and left in silence.

This was the wrapping paper of a gift.


Alvaro Nates, my official photographer did a shooting for Spot Magazine in Mexico City,

and I asked him for one picture to paint on. this is what came out. I love it! Its called Tiger.


“Frida en un jardín escocés” Oil on canvas, 2011

“En el norte” Watercolor on canvas, 2011




I do sculpture since i was 15 years old. My teacher since then has been Marcela Arbide, an amazing artist from La Esmeralda. She happens to be my aunt as well. It is one of my favorite things to do in the world, and I am so thankful that she guided me through this world since so young.
This is my first sculpture in wood. It was a 30 m long piece of white cedar wood from my grandfathers land, and it was an honor and adventure to work specially on this piece. I used no machines, just a handsaw to smooth down the texture in the end.
It took me more than a year to do it, and its titled “Schnecke” that means snail in german. Snails where part of my childhood and a mean neighboor kid used to throw them against the wall. That will remain forever in my memories.

Schnecke, 2010












The next piece is called “Ti prendo e ti porto via”, inspired by one of my favorite books, from Niccoló Ammaniti. It it my first piece in white marble, and the process was very hardcore. First you do the figure in clay, and then in plaster cast. Then a master marbler turns a block of marble into your sculpture, without details, just the proportions, using laser and cutting with a diamond. And then, you work on the piece using a huge pneumatic hammer. That is the hardest and most difficult technique i have ever done, and I cannot understand how Michelangelo did his pieces without electric energy, light or any motorized instrument:

Il David



La Pietá



Ti prendo e ti porto via








White Marble






This is the post about the exhibition where it was part: Espacio Flexible, La Quiñonera


Die Taube, 2011

This clay piece is still in process, it is drying out so that it can be burned.



The next one is from a few years ago, and its plaster cast and an acrylic patina. It was a gift for my mother:

No title, 2006



This piece is the oldest from this selection, I dont remember when I did it. Its basically a very confortable woman. Its cement.






Vive Latino 2011 Merch for Atto & The Majestics, Mexico City



These are the T-shirts, bags, stickers and pins I did for Atto & The Majestics, for the Vive Latino Music Festival, 2011, in Mexico City. Thanks to the models from Rêves Agency, the styling from mexican fashion designer Roberto Sanchez and my official photographer, Alvaro Nates.
Alvaro Nates: http://setanphoto.tumblr.com/
Roberto Sanchez: http://robertosanchezonline.com/
Rêves Agency: revesagency@gmail.com